Alkaline Diets and Supplements Help Reduce Muscle Loss

//Alkaline Diets and Supplements Help Reduce Muscle Loss

Alkaline Diets and Supplements Help Reduce Muscle Loss

Your muscles grow from the time you are born. However, they do not keep growing over the course of your whole life. Peak muscle mass is achieved in your late 30’s or early 40’s. After this, you experience a loss of muscle mass for the rest of your life. This condition is known as sarcopenia. The rate at which you experience this muscle loss is influenced by several factors including diet, level of physical activity and age. This phenomenon not only affects the size of your muscles but also their quality. It eventually leads to loss of strength and stamina.

While muscle loss with age is inevitable there are tried and tested ways of slowing it down. Regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet will help you to reduce the rate of sarcopenia significantly. These measures will not only help you to reduce muscle loss, they will even help you gain muscle mass. These steps also go a long way in reducing the amount of body fat. The exercise helps you burn body fat and excess calories, while the diet ensures you do not gain any extra body fat. Other benefits of include increased strength, high energy levels and reduced risk of injury,
We have seen that a healthy diet is crucial if you want to prevent the loss of muscle mass. However, not all diets were created equal. What you eat affects the ph of your body. Some foods such as protein, caffeine and dairy products will cause the body to generate acids. While fruits and vegetables cause the body to become more alkaline. The ph level affects muscle mass and the muscle building process. The acids generally inhibit the muscle building process which increases the rate at which you lose muscle mass.
An alkaline diet is the best diet when it comes to the reduction of muscle loss. An alkaline diet is composed largely of fruits and vegetables that are full of alkaline nutrients. Studies have shown that an alkaline diet helps reduce muscle loss, especially in older people.
The effects of an alkaline diet can be further enhanced by taking an alkaline supplement. Not all the nutrients we take in our diets are absorbed by the body. The supplement increases the amounts of alkaline nutrients that get absorbed into your bloodstream. This way you are sure that you are taking in enough alkaline nutrient to help you to preserve and increase your overall muscle mass
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